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More savvy South Africans now opt for a quality, clean used vehicle rather than a new one. A new car drops in price the moment you leave the showroom, but used cars have had their price drop and their value now lies in their condition, year model, mileage, service history and general condition. If you are looking for a quality used vehicle at a fair price, you’re in the right place.

Group1 has a large selection of used vehicles for sale. We check and double-check each vehicle, and if we find a fault, we repair it before the vehicle is put up for sale. If we cannot fix it, we won’t sell it.

We will offer you fair used car prices on all our pre-owned cars for sale.

Points To Remember When Shopping For A Used Vehicle

When buying a used car from Group1, or any other reputable dealership, please remember the following things:

  • Decide what you need to buy and stick with it. The used car offering at Group1 Mahindra is a driver’s dream, crammed with the most desirable used vehicles for sale. Focus on what you want and choose the best used car you need from our selection.
  • Buy mainstream brands and models: When shopping for a used vehicle, stick to the middle of the road brands and models. If any used car for sale looks remotely exotic, walk past it. When warranties and motor plans start running short, those are the cars that cost the most to maintain. And let’s not even get started on grey imports – known brand names, but with strange model names.
  • Take your test drive seriously. We are Group1 Mahindra take extra care to ensure our used cars are clean and running perfectly and we want you to validate that for yourself with a proper test drive. Open the bonnet and start the engine and look and listen carefully. Bring a mate if you can to help you decide. Go through all the gears, do some sharp turns, test the brakes, go a bit faster, and drive a bit slower. You will soon notice if it is the used car you’ve been looking for.